If you are reading this right now it means you are wondering through my blog so Welcome! Nice meeting you!

My name is Eli. I´m a 39 year old stay at home mom. I´m happily married and love spending time with my children (even though sometimes one looses her temper, yikes!). My profession is architecture but I retired years ago, I miss it sometimes. I really enjoy staying at home, I´m not very social, kind of an introvert here. I love watching F1 sport, and if I can, I love watching it live! I´m also a spoonie. I have to say I love that term, it made me change my perspective toward my autoimmune. Now I think I´m specially blessed. And of course, I´m an avid traveler!!!

Anyway, I made this blog because I want to share our family travel experiences and encourage others to do the same in their own unique way, as each family is different and has different needs.

Traveling with our kids has brought so many enriching experiences.

So my thoughts are… Go ahead and travel, it is the best thing in the world!

Don´t be afraid of traveling with little ones is not that complicated, and they learn so much! The bonding that results from traveling together as a family is unimaginable and priceless.

Also, don´t be afraid of traveling if you have a health condition; of course you have to ask your doctor because sometimes you really can´t. But think about this… you are going to feel the same way staying at home than at that special place you have been thinking about… so might as well try it and go, see what happens. I almost always notice that some of my symptoms get better when I travel, say for example, I have less joint pain and my hair falls less than at home. What is always ongoing and never changes is my extreme fatigue, but now that I have accepted it (and it took me a while) I don´t mind. I won´t give up traveling. Not for now.

And last, don´t be afraid of not having the money, people travel in all kind of budgets. For us saving for a trip is part of the experience! It all begins with the dream, the savings and the planning, no matter how long it takes. Like everything in life, when you struggle for something… oh!! you enjoy it a hundred times better!