When in New Orleans… Fritzel´s

When talking about New Orleans the first thing that comes to my mind is jazz. When I think about jazz I remember Fritzel’s.

Family Journal-117

Fritzel’s European Jazz Club is a pub located in the French Quarter, at Bourbon St.  An amazing place that will have you captivated for hours without you even noticing.

Family Journal-111

The size of the place, the decoration, even the drinks… all of that become non important as soon as you start hearing the band. Believe me!

Family Journal-118
A small place where great music is played!
Family Journal-119
The band

Now Dad is the jazz fanatic here. The first time he took me there I was skeptical since I´m not into that particular music genre. But guess what! I really liked it! So my thoughts were: This place must be good if it can entertain fans and people with no interest at all.

We’ve been there on several occasions and it’s always fantastic!

I leave you here with a taste of their music… It is just a fragment but it gives you an idea of how amazing the band is.




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