1-2-3 Stages of a Trip

Family Journal-78

Every trip is made up of three stages. It´s true!! Here in our family we all experience each stage differently, but we enjoy them all.

We always start with the idea of going somewhere. Sometimes we don´t even know where we want to go, we just want to explore something new. Other times we already have in mind the place we want to visit. Each and every trip we have ever made started with that wish: let´s go and explore, learn, and have some adventures!

From that conceptual idea making its way to reality comes stage 1 which is “the planning stage”.

I love to plan, research and organize everything!! I really enjoy this stage so much! My daughter is the most similar to me in this sense, so she also enjoys it as well. Although Dad always has a saying in which destination we choose he really lets us do everything. Obviously letting us do everything is his way of saying I just don´t care about this stage, just keep me informed 😉 The boys just keep asking regularly where we are going, duration of the trip and if it´s going to be fun. That is their way of enjoying stage 1.

Stage 2 is the trip itself, the actual enjoyment of the destination we chose. During every trip we happened to have adventures, misfortunes, a lot of laughs, some adjustments and discussions here and there, but the best thing for me, the one thing Dad and I treasure the most is the extreme bonding we make every time we travel. It is so strong and so good for us! I think is one of the great benefits of traveling with the family. Every trip is unique but the bonding grows stronger!

Now the trip is over, we finally come home to our routines and chores, but we have stage 3 left for us to savor… and this stage is amazing since it can last for as long as you live. MEMORIES WERE MADE. Remembering and bringing back all what we did, experienced, felt, enjoyed is like living it all over again. That part of the world we visited we took it with us! And that is the coolest thing about Stage 3! You can bring it back when ever you want and relive it again!


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