Snowy Memories

Where we live it is always warm. On summer days we sometimes experience around 43 degrees Celsius (109 Fahrenheit) or even more. During winter, if we are lucky enough, we have days that can drop down to 5 degrees Celsius (41 Fahrenheit). And I have to say not all winters are “that cold”. That is why we are very fond of winter destinations. Places where we can roll over the snow and feel the chilly wind in our faces!! And of course do all the winter activities that destination provides.

One place I remember with fondness is an alpine ski resort named Sun Peaks. It´s located near the city of Kamloops, in British Columbia, Canada.

Family Journal-011

That winter my sister and her family joined us, so as you can imagine, the fun duplicated! The more the merrier they say. I don´t quite agree with this saying all the time but when it comes to family, for us, fits a perfect description.

I remember the planning process! Stage 1 was fully enjoyed 😉

Our quest was to find some place different, “unknown” by the rest… Now I feel compelled to explain this. You see, where we live the sociocultural environment is complicated. By complicated I mean that a good amount of people live by appearances. Most of the time they base their decisions on what others will say. This type of behavior obviously reflects on their travel destinations. So they choose the same ski resorts over and over again just for them to show off and be “seen”. It is sad, but very true. On the other hand, there are others like us who like to travel for the pleasure of it and therefore avoid that kind of interaction.

Ok now, returning to the main topic here… So, my sister and I did our research and finally chose a ski resort called Sun Peaks. It was better than imagined!

We first arrived at Vancouver and stayed for the night. Next morning we took the road and drove around four and a half hours. The roads were foggy but we managed. We finally arrived and settle in our winter home!

Our family “Headquarters” were located at Bridge Gate, a series of townhouses near the slopes so we could ski in and out. Right away we felt like home. The views were breathtaking. All those pine trees! Beautiful!

Family Journal-006

We enjoyed as much as we could! Some days were full of activities. Either we went skiing, walked and explored the area nearby or went tubing (the children love this). Others, because I felt tired, just walked around the Village or stayed home enjoying our view through the windows. Resting… Talking…

Family Journal-012


Clear days defined our vacation! We were lucky!


Family Journal-010

Family Journal-25

There was just one day I remember… Since early morning it was very foggy but still we wanted to go up. It started snowing while the lift was climbing up the mountain. Quickly the fog started closing down. Anyone who lives around this kind of weather and has spent his/her life skiing probably thinks: so what… But be aware that we come from a warmer climate, so for us it was like entering uncharted territory! we started feeling kind of panicky right then and there as we could not see anything! (Dad will probably deny this, he always plays it cool… well he is cool 🙂 ).


Family Journal-21We had to go down, there was no other way. Fortunately nothing happened, everything went well! Yey! Thank goodness we skied down the mountain safely!

Sun Peaks is a place that we would hopefully like to return some day. For us it´s like the “best kept secret” of alpine resorts.

Family Journal-22


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