Medieval Cochem

Germany is full of cities and towns worth visiting. It is a country with so much history and beautiful landscapes. Two years ago we traveled there and chose a historic village called Cochem as a start point of our journey.

Cochem seats on the edge of the Mosel River in the Rhineland-Palatinate area of Germany. Its Reichsburg Castle can be seen rising above, making its presence, giving a unique personality to it all. The scenery of this medieval town is composed by narrow streets and half timbered houses, a Town Hall, churches and a market square. Cochem is known for its regional wines. You can see the steep vineyards decorating the countryside all around. It is was a pretty sight!  We were there in early spring, no doubt that in late spring and summer the settings of this place are even nicer.

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Our intentions were to explore the town, visit Reichsburg Castle and also take a look at the famous Burg Eltz castle located approximately 27 km from our location.

Touring Cochem was peaceful and relaxing. We walked through its streets and stroll along the river. Dad and I rested while watching A, E and P play chase around the gardens. E and P were obsessed with some geese that happened to be in the surroundings. They followed and observed them with curiosity, only they were afraid to get close since Dad had told them geese do not like people near them and if bothered they could bite hard.

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We dedicated one morning to go see Reichsburg. The castle, although smaller in comparison with others, is worth visiting since it has a much older medieval architecture feeling that defines it from the rest.

The children fully enjoyed it. They loved the medieval ambience and soldiers armors! They still play with a wooden sword and shield Dad bought them as a souvenir. They imagine themselves as knights, rather than kings. They play all around the house.

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Between Koblenz and Trier lies Burg Eltz, the other castle in our itinerary. Like almost all castles, for defense strategies, Burg was buit on top of a hill. My personal opinion is that photographs don’t do justice because it is breathtaking.

Upon arrival we were received with a sign that said “closed”. It was sad that we could not visit its interiors. But still we roamed around outside, taking pictures, making memories.

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I remember that afternoon ended with a heavy rainfall. Fortunately we were already home, the children were finishing dinner. They were tired and in need of sleep.

With a glass of wine Dad and I finished the day sharing our thoughts… What a pleasant stay we had in Cochem.

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