Happiness in Bruges

One of the main reasons for traveling together as a family is the special bonding that generates between us while doing so. And by experience, we have learned that we can better achieve this by touring our destinations in a relaxed kind of way. That doesn´t mean we carelessly waste our time and our trip. Is just that we try not to stress out if we are unable to cover every must see attractions. If we miss something, then so be it. Great memories will still be made. Hurrying up the family and creating a tense atmosphere will only ruin everybody´s mood. Therefore we savior each moment as it comes. Always with itinerary in hand, we sometimes manage to do a lot of things, and other times we don´t. But we enjoy our time the same.

Our day in Bruges was all about walking its streets, visiting its famous squares, enjoying its shops, absorbing its vibe… In a relaxed kind of way.

Family Journal-141

We woke up early morning for our day trip. Our home base was Ghent so it took us around 45 minutes to arrive.

We parked the car and then walked our way to the center of Bruges. My memories… Flemish gothic architecture, colorful facades, cobblestone streets, E and P sharing a morning snack, Dad taking pictures and A holding my hand. Right then and there I felt extremely happy!

Family Journal-121

Family Journal-125

Bruges is relatively small so everything is close together. Our first stop was Burg Square where Town Hall and the Basilica of Holy Blood are located. Everywhere you look… beautiful! There’s no denying the capital of West Flanders is one of the most gorgeous towns we have ever seen.

Stood there, contemplating the view…

Family Journal-128

Family Journal-127

Every street and corner in the center of Bruges is a delight to walk by. As always, A and I lured inside the shops to see what cool souvenirs we could find. I think what defines Bruges in terms of shopping is its embroidery shops. There are so many!

Dad and the boys waited for us outside. While he took photos, E and P were playing with a plastic bag. Children have their way of enjoying simple things.

Family Journal-129

Family Journal-124

Entering Markt Square was the highlight of the day. Like they say “is the heart of the city”. The Provincial Court, the Belfry, the cafes, bars and restaurants… every direction you looked, amazing architecture!

Family Journal-132

Family Journal-135

Family Journal-136

Our decision was to spend the time we had left at the Markt. So we search for a restaurant and sat down to eat while we enjoyed the view.

Family Journal-134

My children followed pigeons and played until their bodies ran out of energy.

Family Journal-137

This next photograph means so much to me. P stood there for a long time. Dad noticed and captured the moment. Overtime I look at it I wonder, what was on his mind? What was he thinking? The mind of a child is simple and beautiful. I like to think he was happy.

Family Journal-138

During our travels, there are times when I get overwhelmed with emotion. If I have to be honest, I am a sensitive person, so this happens frequently. When I was young I tried to repress that feeling since I thought it was weird to feel that much inside. But now it is something I enjoy very much!

Our visit in Bruges gave me that overwhelming sensation.

Family Journal-140

That day Bruges we might have missed some touristic spots. But what we lived was indescribable happiness. That is what traveling with family is all about.

Family Journal-142

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