Every spring flowers bloom all over the world and dress up every garden.

In Lisse, Netherlands there is a place where this yearly event becomes a unique and memorable experience.

Keukenhof Gardens!

Family Journal-162
Tulips everywhere, just beautiful

The fact that Keukenhof only opens during spring makes its gardens special. The 32 hectares of flowers all blooming in different colors is a spectacle to see!

Family Journal-155
Flower Exhibitions

Family Journal-149

The park is redesign every single year! They offer showcase exhibitions with plants and flowers shows, events and festivals. They also have large playgrounds and activities like petting farms which my 3 children enjoyed very much!

Family Journal-180.jpg
This Captain gave a good scare to E when he moved!
Family Journal-161
Windmill on the playgrounds

We went and visit Keukenhof during our stay in Amsterdam and I am glad we did. There was not enough time to experience the whole park since its huge but we had fun and I couldn´t stop staring at each and one of the collections of orchids, such a variety!

Family Journal-173

Family Journal-172

There were many tourists but still it didn´t feel crowded. We spend all day walking, observing, admiring nature and learning. The children didn´t get bored at all, which I thought maybe would happen. We all had fun and it was a well spent day.

Family Journal-150

If you visit Amsterdam or any of the cities/towns near Lisse during spring, please do go to Keukenhof Gardens!

If you like flowers and like to see more of what they had displayed. Dad took several pictures. You can click here Keukenhof Blooming Flowers.



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