Amazing Vienna (Part 2)

Continuing with our family recollections of Vienna… Amazing Vienna (Part 1)

We had already toured Hofburg, it was time for our next dosage of culture, Schloss Schönbrunn.

Family Journal-462

Just like the Palace of Versailles in France and Catherine’s Palace in St. Petersburg, Schönbrunn Palace is a world heritage and a masterpiece. The Austro-Hungarian Empire played such an important part of Europe’s history that being able to visit all this places was exciting for us!

Family Journal-458
All of us synchronizing our audio guide.

With its own personality and a baroque style architecture, the imperial summer residence gave us a very detailed idea of the monarchy’s lifestyle and ruling era. The palace is impressive and clearly shows the power and splendor of the House of Habsburg.

We bought the complete tour ticket. No cameras permitted. So, I tried to absorb as much information and images as I could. No photographic memory here… just an average one 😉 . But the good thing is, since there is five of us, sharing what we all remember makes our memories more complete.

Family Journal-452
View of Schönbrunn from the Gardens.

The tour was interesting and worthwhile, but long. P got bored almost at the end. He came to me with his audio guide device and said, “I finish hearing everything mom! I’m the first one, I’ve won!”. It was his way of saying “ok, let’s go and do something else”. I told him it was cool he was the first one to finish but now he needed to wait for everybody else. From that moment on, he just searched for a place to seat every time we changed rooms.

They say the Palace can get very crowded. We were there in March and it was practically empty, so it was a good thing. The downside… the gardens didn’t look as beautiful and blooming like in other seasons. Still we enjoyed walking through them.

Family Journal-461

We returned to the Innere Stadt which is Vienna’s first district. Strolled around its streets again and grab something to eat. We had another concert to attend. This one was at the Musikverein.

Family Journal-451
Walking with the boys, A just a couple of steps ahead of us.

Musikverein was built when Emperor Franz Joseph order the removal of the city walls and the Ringstrasse boulevard was created. Its facade is very different from the Opera House, Greek Renaissance style (inspired by classical Greece).

Family Journal-460

The Golden Hall is considered one of the most traditional concert houses and the acoustic environment you get there is unique in the world.

So there we were, Dad, A and me… listening to Mozart’s music. E and P fell asleep on their seats soon after starting. Dad and I had predicted that one.

Family Journal-444
Golden Hall

Family Journal-445

Another memory we cherish from Vienna is having lunch on a Sunday morning at the Ostermarkt am Hof, which is the Easter Market located on the Am HOF square.

After attending mass at Peterskirche, we walked the streets looking for something to eat, everyone was hungry!

Family Journal-453
Peterskirche interior

Family Journal-454

We passed Graben Street, where the Pestsäule Column is located. This monument was built as a memory for the victims of the Great Plague Epidemic.

Family Journal-447

It took us several minutes of walking before we discover the Market. I don’t know if the food was truly delicious or the hunger made it taste incredible but we enjoyed every bite. Hot cup of coffee, a tasty sandwich, sausages and for dessert a huge piece of apple tart. I remember an episode of “Friends” tv show, where Monica refers to her Halloween candies as “little drops of heaven”. That apple tart tasted like a drop of heaven to us! Now that I have my autoimmune disease, and gluten is no longer part of my diet, I´m just thinking… I should have bought the entire tart haha! this is literally a sweet memory.

Family Journal-448
At Ostermarkt

Family Journal-449

Last but not least, we visited the Belvedere (Winter Palace). It wasn´t our favorite palace complex, but still it was worth visiting. There are two buildings the Upper and Lower. Paintings from Monet, van Gogh and Klimt are displayed on the Upper Belvedere Museum.

Family Journal-446
Upper Belvedere
Family Journal-463
Fountain in the Gardens

We loved our time in Vienna. We got more than we expected. Invaluable memories, a good dose of history and culture, beautiful music, breathtaking architecture, and the thing I enjoy the most, family bonding.




3 thoughts on “Amazing Vienna (Part 2)

  1. Another encouraging story of a family day out. Sorry to hear about your autoimmune disease though. You guys are so lucky to get to experience Vienna – it’s history, culture and yes the concert too! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, we are blessed, and sometimes I tend to forget. So thank you for reminding me and for your kind words about my disease. I should be thankful for that too because in a way I’m being able to control and stabilize it. 👏🏼

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s good to know and that it doesnt stop you from traveling. Your travels are great so keep doing that. 🙂 My son has severe peanut and fish allery so it’s also challenging to plan for travels but I’m jst glad my husband and I are brave enough to not let it get it in the way of our holidays. Cheers!

        Liked by 1 person

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