Images of Kyoto

Yesterday I found some photos stored in my computer. Watching them again brought back good memories.

The photos I found are from Kyoto. These are not the whole trip, some are missing. After all, I found them in my computer, not the backup disk.

I thought I could share them.

Maybe you´ll find them interesting… Maybe you can relate to them if they bring back memories of your own visit to Kyoto… I don´t know, I just hope you enjoy them.

Family Journal-465
Nozomi Shinkansen. One of the fastest trains.
Family Journal-466
Destination Kyoto.
Family Journal-467
Inside the moving train.
Family Journal-468
Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. We called it Kyoto bamboo forest.
Family Journal-469
Light above.
Family Journal-470
A see of bamboos
Family Journal-471
Pathway to Tenryu-ji

Family Journal-472


Family Journal-473


Family Journal-474
Gardens of Tenryu-ji Temple. Peaceful.
Family Journal-476
Otagi Nenbutsu-ji
Family Journal-478
Yesterday I just realized my parents appear in the photo! I was missing the details.
Family Journal-480
Quiet and lonely street.
Family Journal-477
Family Journal-475
Capturing the moment through a fisheye.
Family Journal-481
Ray of light.
Family Journal-483
Off we go to the top.
Family Journal-484
Kiyomizudera Temple.
Family Journal-485
Long street ahead.
Family Journal-486
On our way back.




2 thoughts on “Images of Kyoto

  1. Yes yes this post definitely brought back memories of our first Japan trip some years ago. I’ve never been to Kyoto though and your pictures of the place look amazing. So serene. And so that’s how Nozomi looks like. We went only got to ride the JR 500 and I remember my son telling me that he would love to ride Nozomi next time because it’s even faster.


    1. Yes! Next time you travel to Japan you must plan a visit to Kyoto. Then you´ll ride Nozomi 😉 We´ve been several places and Kyoto was, for me, the best one. Of course, Tokyo is another thing. God willing, we are returning in March again to see the cherry blossoms! You are so much nearer than us. Lucky you! hehe 🙂


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