Fiestas de la Vendimia! Valle de Guadalupe

Yesterday, while organizing some photos on my computer, I bumped into this album from 2011. It was from a trip we did to Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. It brought back fond memories.

A dearest friend of mine lives in Ensenada with her family. That year, they invited us to spend a weekend with them and experience “las fiestas de la Vendimia”.

Family Journal-510
The view from my friend´s home.

La Vendimia is a wine festival that takes place at Ensenada and Valle the Guadalupe around the months of July and August. All local wineries prepare for this yearly festival and offer events, tastings, auctions, concerts, dinner parties and more. It is so entertaining and fun!

This time of year is full of tourists but it does not feel crowded at all.

Family Journal-517
Vineyard views at Valle de Guadalupe
Family Journal-519
Closer look at the vines.

We stayed at our friends’ house, but there are a couple of nice hotels that we visited also. We even had breakfast one morning in one of them, Hotel Coral. It was in front of the Marina! Nice buffet breakfast.

Family Journal-510
Partial view of the Marina, at the right part of the Hotel Coral.

Our friends also took us to this beautiful restaurant named Belio. I remember we had a good dinner, but my memory is mainly centered on the wonderful time spent with them and the sight of the sea from the restaurant’s terrace.


Family Journal-513


Family Journal-512
Ensenada has such fine weather, we really enjoy being outdoors.

Family Journal-511

We attended two events. The inaugural party at Hotel Riviera, which is so difficult to find tickets!! So we were fortunate. And the other was a dinner auction at Adobe Guadalupe Winery. Both events were absolutely fantastic and we enjoyed them very much!

The Riviera Party, held yearly, consists in food and wine tastings from all the participating wineries. It is a huge event!

This party had a great selection of music. I must say, it created the best atmosphere!


Adobe Guadalupe is a Winery located at Valle de Guadalupe.

Family Journal-515

Adobe has an interesting reason for why it was built. The owners lost their son at a young age and they later visioned this place as their son´s call.

The story told by them… Adobe Guadalupe Story

All of their wines are named after an archangel. Uriel, Gabriel, Serafiel, Miguel, Kerubiel and Rafael. We had the opportunity to taste all of them and they are great.

Family Journal-526
At top of the Dome the logo of the brand. The shape of an angel.
Family Journal-520
Beautiful Winery
Family Journal-518
Family Journal-522
Loved the Bugamblias surrounding the main house.

That night was worth remembering. The ambience was elegant yet so comfortable. The dinner, the company and the wine were exceptional!

Family Journal-523
View from our dinner table before the auction.
Family Journal-524
It was a comfortable but elegant ambience.

We haven’t been able to return and experience another Vendimia.

But yesterday, while watching all these photos again, memories transported me to those days, reminding me how wonderful it was. Surprisingly, details from this trip have stayed clear and vivid on my mind.

Family Journal-521

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