Neuschwanstein in Black and White

Neuschwanstein is such an iconic castle that it was a must do during our trip along Bavaria.

Unfortunately, the day we visited the weather was not very pleasant. It was pouring rain!  Still, we have good memories, how could we not… It´s Neuschwanstein! And besides, while being on vacation we always try to have fun no matter the circumstances.

We walked all the way to the top, no buses were going up or down the hill due to the rain. It was cold and we were very wet but the view when we arrived to the top was so worth it!

While A and I took some photos with our phones, Dad manage to take some with his camera. Some drops are noticeable, but it was impossible to keep the lens clear from the rain. All images are black and white.

That day we gathered more memories than photos.

Here I share the few images of our family experience.

Family Journal-533
Before we adventure ourselves to the top!
Family Journal-531
You feel small beside this massive walls!
Family Journal-527
Tower pass the entrance.
Family Journal-528
Palace front.
Family Journal-529
Perspective. Knight´s House.
Family Journal-530
Inside view of the entrance.
Family Journal-532
Our last view of the castle. Iconic masterpiece, Schloss Neuschwanstein!


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