Northern Lights @ 66th Parallel North

Experiencing the Northern Lights was something I have been wanting for so long. This past December we traveled to Iceland and finally, after waiting so many years, we got to see them!

I have no words to describe my emotions. I was overwhelmed as I watched them. Surpass my expectations.

We saw them for three nights in a row. Clear skies, full of stars, beautiful background (from our rental home in Reykholt Iceland). They moved and danced… they owned the sky. We were given so much more than we hoped for. I am forever grateful!

I like share with you some of dad’s photos, hope you enjoy them.

Family Journal-536

Family Journal-537

Family Journal-538

Family Journal-539

Family Journal-540

Family Journal-541

Family Journal-542

Family Journal-543

Family Journal-544

Family Journal-545

Family Journal-546

Family Journal-535

Family Journal-547

Family Journal-548


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